Stop Kayihura’s nonsense & eject weevils, Museveni tells Ochola

IGP Ochola

President Museveni has warned the Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola, against the nonsense of arresting youth for allegedly being idle and disorderly.

The president was on Monday launching the State House anti-corruption unit at Kololo independence grounds.

Uganda commemorated the Anti-Corruption Week that climaxes with the International Anti-Corruption Day with this year’s theme being, “Citizens’ participation in the fight against corruption: A sustainable path to Uganda’s transformation.”

Speaking at the Kololo event, Museveni said on the issue of the roadblocks, traffic police are still taking bribes.

“The army is no longer on the roadblocks; the parasites on the roads are the traffic police.”

Victoria University

He went on: “I also hear that in the Kampala area, they (parasites) get youth on the account of being idle and disorderly.”

Museveni described the police as “colonial nonsense”.

“How do you get someone for being idle and disorderly in their own country?” he wondered.

Museveni said he had told Gen. Kale Kayihura [former police chief] to stop this nonsense.

“I’m now telling the new police leadership to stop it.”

In March 2018, Museveni said he was able to remove the “bean weevil” that was infecting the Uganda police force hence hope that security will improve.

The bean weevils or seed beetles are a subfamily of beetles, now placed in the family Chrysomelidae, though they have historically been treated as a separate family.

This weevil that president said he removed is Gen Kale Kayihura who was sacked over the weekend and replaced with Okoth Ochola as the new Inspector General of Police.



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