Kasingye in Ibanda as police grabs 40 in Arua


Following the recent incidences of armed robberies in Arua, Police and other security agencies have started joint intelligence led operations which has led to the arrest of over 40 suspected criminals.

They are being screened by the joint operatives meanwhile the illegal guns in question are still being traced.

West Nile Region police urged members of the public to be calm but vigilant in the face of these operations and should continue to share information with police such that criminals can be apprehended.

Meanwhile, the Rectification campaign team led by the Chief political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye and other senior officers from Police Headquarters Friday addressed officers of Ibanda district on Community Policing.

Kasingye urged them to be more dedicated to their Constitutional mandate, keeping discipline and being accountable to the public.

The team listened to challenges faced by officers in policing and promised to handle most of them with top management.




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