Chameleone grabs mic from Nankabirwa, shuts her up

Chameleone on stage

Leone Island singing doctor, Jose Chameleone, Friday night embarrassed Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, at his “Legend Saba Saba” concert.

Nankabirwa who was a chief guest at Lugogo Cricket Oval show, took the microphone and started singing praises for the ruling NRM government.

“Where we are now, our problem is taking time to taste the good things,” Nankabirwa ranted, flanked by events promoter, Balaam Barugahara.

“You want a soda, you choose which one to taste. Is it Mirinda or Fanta? If it’s a radio, you choose which one to listen to.”

Chameleone working the crowds

Nankabirwa was not done yet. Now she turned to promoter Balaam and showered him with praises.

“So, I want to congratulate you for making money to build a radio that we will use to communicate with people.”

She was still rumbling on and on until the MC cut her off with “alright, alright, this is the moment…”

Then Chameleone took giant strides across the stage to where Nankabirwa was standing.

Without a word or hesitation, he grabbed the microphone from her: “Thank you honourable. I think that is enough from you.”

Nankabirwa, stunned, was left standing, staring into empty space. She later garnered the courage to shameful walk down and off the stage.

Chameleone then turned to the crowd: “Let’s go. Are you ready?”

Then he started working the crowds, dropping hit after hit.

According to Chameleone, the minister was over yapping, wandering off course and turning a music show into a political propaganda platform.

A fan of the singer, Robert V Nsibirwa, even thanked Chameleone for “shutting up Nankabirwa”.

“Thank you Dr. Chameleon for shutting down Ruth Nankabirwa last night as a reminder that the government banned political propaganda at concerts…and this applies to the NRM party too.”



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