Ugandans who go abroad are desperate-Kadaga

Speaker Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called for improved infrastructure that will lead to creation of employment opportunities and reduce the number of Ugandans seeking jobs abroad.

Kadaga said several Ugandans have been reported to have been tortured due to the conditions under which they are employed in majorly Arab countries.

“People go abroad not because they want to live there but because they are desperate. We have a responsibility to improve facilities and create opportunities to check on the numbers going out,” said Kadaga during a meeting with Catholic Sisters held at Parliament on Thursday, 06 December 2018.

The nuns led by Sr. Theresa Namataka, expressed concern over the unchecked human trafficking in the country, exposing many Ugandans to dehumanizing activities by their employers.

“According to a 2017 Interpol report, Ugandan women are trafficked to United Arab Emirates, Greece, Iraq, Kenya and Malaysia. Ugandan men were taken to China into prostitution,” said Sr. Namataka.

Namataka also noted that continued human trafficking from Uganda to foreign countries negatively affects Uganda’s image.

“There is also a need to review the curriculum that perpetuates job seekers rather than job creators, and also promote vocational training for youth through resource allocation,” said Sr. Namataka.

Speaker Kadaga said Parliament had in 2017 banned the export of domestic workers before better agreements are signed with receiving countries, a decision that had not been adhered to.

“I have noted that there are persons within Government who own labour export companies, which I’m told is a lucrative business,” said Kadaga, adding that “For instance, after we stopped export of domestic workers, the Ministry of Gender went ahead to sign agreements.”

The Speaker promised to follow up the matter with the Human Rights Committee of Parliament as well as other Government agencies, in a bid to protect Ugandans.



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