Prepare candidates for 2021, Amuriat tells FDC

Patrick Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, has told the National Council members that their decisions are critical to the running of the party because at the moment, FDC is operating below capacity.

Amuriat who was addressing the FDC Special National Council 2018 held at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi-Kampala on Thursday, said the year ahead is going to be tough and business-packed because building of structures from the grassroots upwards must be concluded before the closure of next calendar year.

“This should pave way for a Delegates Conference in early 2020 where we expect internal elections for all positions.”

Amuriat asked the FDC National Chairman Wasswa Birigwa, to help with early identification of candidates in preparation for the forthcoming 2021 elections if Uganda gets there as a country.

“We will hopefully participate in it. I also request that you spend some time planning and executing activities intended not only to recruit new members and retain those who are already part of us, but also actions that can guarantee regime change.”

Amuriat said he expects activism to form centre stage of the political operations.

“In doing this we shall simply be fulfilling our obligation of preparing and handing over a better country to those who to come after us.”

He thanked the National Executive committee that has offered valuable guidance to him in the day to day running of the party.

“I also thank the Peoples Government for rekindling the spirit of activism in the party by fronting the non-violent struggle.”

“May this National Council bring renewed energy and hope to us all. May it bring fresh determination for our liberation and that of our country men and women? May our strong resolutions be the fuel that will propel our liberation struggle forward? And may the spirit of One Uganda, One People continue to guide our actions as a party.”

The council will Friday receive a keynote address from FDC Founding President Kizza Besigye.



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