It’s not personal; police explains ban on Bobi Wine shows

Bobi Wine

Police has spoken out on the cancelled concerts dubbed “Kyarenga Extras”, saying Kyadondo East singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine did not follow the set rules.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima told press at Naguru headquarters on Thursday that police blocked Bobi Wine’s shows in Gulu and Nakawuka because the organisers did not follow safety guidelines.

“Our only concern was with meeting the guidelines. We have nothing personal about the person of Bobi Wine,” Kayima said.

He then issued security and safety guidelines to be complied with by all organizers of concerts, owners and managers of venues as well as filed commander throughout the country.

The rationale for issuing these guidelines lie in the fact that concerts attract crowds and therefore need to secured thoroughly, Kayima explained.

“They are meant to ensure safety and security for all, including the revellers, organizers and security personnel.”

The guidelines are as follows:

The organizers must write to the Inspector General of Police for clearances, indicating clearly where their concerts will be, how they have reached an agreement with the owners and managers of these venues.

In this case, the organizers will indicate the numbers expected for better planning purposes.

The organizers must avail to the IGP measures they are putting in place for controlling crowds.

These must include practical and approved traffic management plan which must include access and exit routes, parking centres and how they would be managed, safety measures for revellers and vehicles.

Organizers and conveners of concerts must show that they have in place measures and capacity to handle emergencies, which include medical provisions, fire safety systems, and thorough evacuation plans.

They must have clear and elaborate access control measures including hand probes, walk through machines, K9 and scanners.

Deployment of stewards must be proportionate to the crowds and threat levels.

All unit commanders must take these measures seriously and make sure that they are in place for any cleared event.

These premises must be physically inspected by security teams in the areas where they are organized to know the level of preparedness.

“We wish all organizers the best in the preparations and ask them to cooperate with the police to avoid possible incidents that perpetuate crime or compromise safety of anyone.”

He added: “This festive season must be better than the past in terms of organisation and execution.”



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