Besigye: indict Museveni, Kutesa over China bribes

Besigye addressing FDC delegates Friday

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has asked Ugandans to rise up and remove “scandalous bribe-takers” President Museveni and his Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa.

“Since Uganda “Parliament” isn’t likely to remove scandalous bribe-takers Mr Museveni and Sam Kutesa, the duty formally rests with the people of Uganda. Time has come,” Besigye said.

His remarks came after the US Federal Court Jury (unanimously) convicted former Hong Kong Home Affairs Minister Patrick Ho Chi-ping for bribing President Museveni through minister Kutesa.

The purpose of bribe worth millions was to secure oil deals in Uganda on behalf of a Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy [CEFC].

Ho even wrote a report to the CEFC chairman saying Museveni was willing to undo already-completed bids in oil blocks to award concessions to CEFC.

Ho had already paid Museveni $500,000 (about Shs1.8bn), Kutesa ($500,000), Chad’s President Idriss Deby ($2m).

“Relevant evidence has been public since Ho’s arrest a year ago. Uganda Parliament is mum!” Besigye pointed out.

He added: “It’s time Uganda’s parliament formally investigates (with a view to indict) Mr Museveni for this and other corruption scandals. Our country has bled enough!”

This week, President Museveni was even given an award for fighting corruption in Uganda.

Besigye wondered how Museveni can “posture on fighting corruption” yet the “US Court is laying him bare!”

Museveni had vowed: “All in all, we shall defeat corruption. Like I said, I will make major pronouncements on December 10th in our new fight against graft. I urge Ugandans to listen in.”

Besigye responded: “pronouncements over the last, nearly, 33 years of your Junta have only fuelled the corruption! Why would anyone listen to new ones?”

While addressing an FDC Special National Council at the party head offices in Najjanankumbi Friday, Besigye said Ho who bribed Museveni and Sam Kutesa with $550k and $500k respectively has been convicted by the federal Courts in the US, calling it “a shame to Uganda”.

“Museveni should come out and apologise to Ugandans for this mess in the international community,” Besigye suggested.

“We are Warning China; time is coming when we shall not allow to pay the illegal debts that you are illegally giving to Museveni.”

Besigye who addressed delegates wearing glasses, explained that his eyes were permanently affected by an attack against him in 2011 April at Mulago Round About.

“Heavy sun can affect me badly!” he said referring to an incident in which an overzealous cop Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana broke his car window with a hammer and sprayed pepper gas in his eyes.



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