Music ban: Ochola dodges Bobi Wine, promoter collapses  

Bobi Wine addressing press

On Wednesday, Kyadondo East singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine with a team of lawyers and music promoters visited the police headquarters in Naguru.

“I went to personally meet the Inspector General of Police and protest against the persistent blocking of my music shows with impunity,” Bobi Wine said.

He sought to deliver a letter to IGP Okoth Ochola and ask for answers from the head of the police.

“This decision came after my promoters and music manager have been tossed up and down whenever they go to follow up on our letters seeking clearance of the shows.”

“Well, no one had answers. They were evidently in panic and asked us to sit in the boardroom and wait for a few minutes!”

The group waited for three hours after which the director of operations Asuman Mugyenyi came in to say that the IGP was not present.

“It will be recalled that when our shows were blocked the last time, we sought to speak to him and he equally evaded us.”

As expected, Asuman didn’t have any answers, according to Bobi Wine.

“By his own admission, he told us that the questions we were asking him were beyond him! He however told us that he had been sent by his bosses to tell us that the shows, including the one which was supposed to take place in Mityana town could not proceed.”

Bobi Wine reminded Mugyenyi that he had written to them more than three weeks ago about these shows, but again he had no answer.

Mugyenyi apologised for blocking the show in Gulu, but yet again, he had no answer.

“Sadly, the promoter who had organised the show, Sarah Nasuuna, one of the most hard working women I know, was hit by high blood pressure on being told she could not proceed with the show tonight even when she had obtained the requisite clearance and spent a lot of resources trying to make the show possible.”

Bobi says Nasuuna collapsed and could barely move or speak. She was rushed to hospital.

“As she lay on the ground gasping for breath, I could not help but imagine about the struggles of the common person in this country. The poor lady is trying so hard to make ends meet. She dared venture into an industry dominated by men.”

Instead of being supported by the government, the government is frustrating her to the point of near death, he noted.

“Her story represents many, many Ugandans in their different trades. As I said a few days ago, this was only the first step in challenging this kind of impunity.”

He added: “We shall stop at nothing in seeking justice. We shall stop at nothing in trying to put an end to this mess. Uganda is for all of us. We shall CERTAINLY overcome.”



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