FDC giving Museveni sleepless nights, says Amuriat

Patrick Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party President Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Thursday addressed the Special National Council 2018 FDC Headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

Amuriat said it is slightly more than one year since he took office on the 1st December last year and quite obviously a lot has happened since then.

“This being the very first National Council since my election, allow me to most heartily thank you for the confidence you put in me by electing me your third President,” he said.

He said the Council meeting comes at a time when the party has weathered a number of political storms which include the departure of some of former colleagues [Mugisha Muntu] from the party.

Amuriat cited the emergence of political opportunists hired by the junta to attack FDC with the intention of annihilating the party.

“…the dictator we have actively engaged in our 14 years of our existence is forcefully frustrating our political activities across the country by using partisan elements within the military and police.”

To those who have decided to go leaving 14 years of political investment in the FDC, Amuriat wished them luck wherever they choose to go.

“Our conscience is very clear considering that every opportunity was offered to them to highlight issues they felt were not right with the party. But for reasons best known to themselves, they decided to leave.”

He added: “Despite this we will always welcome them if they so wished to return. All I know is that although there are a few comrades who have fallen by the wayside; the struggle we are engaged in; founded on the blood and sweat of our brothers and sisters, some of whom have paid the ultimate price, will never end in failure but victory.

Amuriat said President Museveni has from the past promised to have no parties in the opposition by the next election, but assured members that FDC party is in safe hands and “that is what is giving the dictator sleepless nights”.

“I can only be eternally grateful to you all for your resilience and hard work that has kept this party deeply rooted in the population.”

He went on: “I take this opportunity to say to our detractors that FDC is not for sale, not for exchange for anything, and that we the members of the party are not bothered by threats and will not be intimidated. Ours is a people centred struggle, it is power to the people and we are the Super Power of Uganda politics.”

Amuriat said amidst criticism, FDC had to take the bold decision to deliberately make changes to the Leadership in Parliament and in NEC in order to complete a functional trinity between the Party, Parliament and the Peoples Government Leaderships.

“I can report to you today with confidence that this process is complete and we are already working as one team to oust the dictator.”

He also touched on the attempts by various groups at advancing dialogue as a way to address the political question of Uganda.

“As a party we support principled dialogue, but not dialogue for the sake of it. All of these attempts so far have yielded nothing because our tormentor doesn’t have interest in principled dialogue at all.”

He added: “By employing tricks, he thinks we will fall into his trap, but he has miserably failed. The latest is by IPOD which has planned a Summit to take place on 12th December, 2018 in Kampala.”

He said FDC has requested for more time to allow them have internal constructive engagements to consider any proposals before signing up to any agreement.

“We also feel disappointed that whereas there are key national issues including electoral reforms that were previously discussed these have never been concluded due to reluctance by Mr. Museveni’s NRM administration to pursue agreements.”

Amuriat said at the same time, he believes that for any constructive dialogue to take place, this should happen in an environment where oppression against the FDC and other political parties by the dictatorship has stopped.

“We will never be involved in any dialogue intended to glorify a group that intends to keep us in bondage forever.”



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