Europeans messed us up, we’re one people-Amb Kilonzo

Amb Kilonzo at Masulita Children's Village in Uganda

H.E Kiema Kilonzo, the Kenyan Ambassador to Uganda, has blamed European colonisers for dividing and separating African people by drawing borders in their land.

The head of the Kenya High Commission in Kampala was Wednesday visiting orphans of Masulita Children’s Village in Wakiso District.

“Europeans messed us up ad divided our people with artificial borders. For example, Uganda and Kenya are the same. We are one people,” Amb Kilonzo said.

He cited the good working relationship between Presidents Museveni and Uhuru Kenyatta, saying he would also work hard to maintain these relations.

“Our presidents have a good working relationship. President Museveni was last week in Kenya for the Blue Economy Conference which President Uhuru hosted.”

Kenyan ambassador shares dance strokes with orphaned children

He said Kenya is a known for making giant strides in tourism and diplomacy and invited Ugandans to Kenya for benchmarking.

“Kenya has the economy triple that of Uganda. We have good shopping malls…you don’t need to go to Dubai or UK. We have great national parks and the Indian Ocean. Come and see the Indian Ocean, we must discover our own land before going out there.”

Amb Kilonzo said Ugandans are warm, hospitable and have good food.

“Kenya is just an extension of Uganda. People speak the same languages. We are Bantu like Ugandans and both countries share Nilotic people too.”

He said leaders of both countries are working hard to ensure the Standard Gauge Railway [SGR] comes to Kampala to ease to cost of doing business and reduce it by 75 percent.

“When the railway line is finished, one can have breakfast in Kampala, lunch in Nairobi and dinner in Mombasa.”

The ambassador thanked Uganda’s first lady Janet Museveni for great efforts to save poor children and partner with women.

“When you educate a girl, you educate a village,” he said in praise of Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans [UWESO] that made it possible for street children and orphaned children to have a new lease of life.

Founded by Janet, UWESO is now chaired by Hon Rose Tumusiime, the Entebbe Municipality MP.

According to MP Tumusiime, the NGO has rescued 104 children in the past five years.

Amb Kilonzo donated shoes and food stuff to some of the children UWESO is looking after at Masulita as part of pre-independence day activities.

The donations were made possible by companies like; Bata Shoe Company Uganda Limited, Grain Bulk Handlers (U) Ltd., Riders Uganda Ltd., and Symbion Uganda Ltd.




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