Muntu pre-launches new party in Tooro

On Saturday, December 1, Mugisha Muntu had a pre-launch mobilisation meeting in Tooro sub-region as part of the registration campaign for members of his New Formation [NF] party.

“It was very exciting to see elected local leaders, many of them youth, participate,” Muntu said.

He added: “Our youth are our hope. We must combine our determination for change with an audacious hope in them.”

Muntu’s aide, Nyamugabwa Amooti Goldino, said the pre-launch was successful in Tooro sub-region.

“We continue to exchange views with everyone on how they want the new party to look like.”

Madam Nyakato Rusoke who convened the meeting is a former FDC District Chairperson for Kabarole.

At the meeting, Gen Muntu interacted with some of his members in Tooro sub-region. Many of them are youthful, elected local leaders.

The General stressed the importance of putting the “country before self” as an important aspect of building the Uganda “we want”.

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, says the registration process of his new political party is 80 percent complete.

Muntu told press in Tooro that they are left with presenting the final documents to the Electoral Commission for registration.

The new party will be launched not later than December 25, 2018.

He said the Electoral Commission will first verify the signatures his team has collected to find out if they are for eligible voters, verify the name of the political party to see if it is not similar to the existing political parties and after that, it shall be registered.


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