Michael Ross tossed off Ginuwine’s stage like sack of popcorns

Ross and Ginuwine

Uganda’s Rhythm and blues star Michael Ross underwent an embarrassing ordeal Saturday night when he tried to “steal” American singer Ginuwine’s show, he got thrown off stage like a sack of potatoes fresh from Kabale.

Ross wasn’t on the list of those to perform since officially, Maurice Kirya, Naava Grey, Aziz Azion, Kenneth Mugabi and Tonya Ayendah had already curtain-raised for Ginuwine.

When Ginuwine returned for the second time on the stage to re-work ladies hearts’ into a stupor, Ross jumped onto the stage, uninvited.

He quickly started break-dancing, moon-walking like Michael Jackson but was quickly roughed up by two bouncers and tossed off stage.

Earlier, Ginuwine reportedly promised Ross a collabo but not a performance on stage.

Ross thrown off stage

Ross was present at the Friday press conference held at Mestil hotel in Nsambya and even took photos with Ginuwine.

Speaking to edge.ug on the same day, Ross on the other hand said he was doing alright and was cooking up some new music.

“But I have been in and out of the country. I’m making new music,” Ross told edge.ug in a quick chit-chat.

He expected things to be the same at the Speke Resort Munyonyo Johnnie Walker Soul-RnB Safari show but when he stepped on stage; bouncers threw him off stage asking; “gwani, tetukumanyi” [who are you? We don’t know you].

When asked what African musicians he was listening to during the press conference, Ginuwine managed to come up with Senegalese singer Akon.

Ross and Ginuwine

He made a reference to some musicians who were on water from which journalists drew a conclusion he was talking about Mowzey Radio and Weasel.

Some even went ahead to say he had promised to do a collabo with Radio [RIP] and Weasel.

About Ross

Full names Michael Ross Kakooza started out as a dancer at the age of eight.

He released his first single “Senorita” in 2002, receiving massive airplay. The song won the award for best R and B song in the 2003 Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

He followed it with other songs including “You’re the one” which he sang in English.

To appeal to a broader Ugandan audience, Ross started singing in Luganda. he released songs like “Yooyo” ” Nze Akwagala” and “Ndi nowange”.

He continued singing in English. He released songs like “Tell me” featuring Navio (rapper) and “Gimme tonight” that were well received.

In 2006 he reseased his album to date “Yo the one”.

In 2012, he reeled “Clothes off” which received massive aiplay on MTV base. He also released his second album “unstoppable”.




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