Unra explains alleged ‘blemish’ on new Shs41bn Jinja Nile bridge


Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA] has explained an alleged “tear and wear” on the new Nile Bridge Project in Jinja, currently the pride of Uganda.

The roads authority said the picture shared on Social Media of the Source of the Nile Bridge should not have caused alarm among the public.

“This is not cause for alarm; it’s not a structural defect. It’s a temporary activity to assist in gathering baseline data on the structural functionality of the bridge structure,” the official told edge.ug.

Several tests are being performed at the bridge to form a base line data for the bridge structural Health monitoring which includes the bridge deck, the official explained.

According to UNRA, the wearing course being seen is a non-structural attachment and is separated with concrete surface by 4mm thick specialized water proofing material.

Victoria University

It’s to be replaced with permanent asphalt (collars) as soon as investigation on structural behaviour is concluded and baseline data is formed.

“This will be done within the defect liability period before contractor leaves the site.”

Not long ago, Amb. Arthur Kafeero, Ag. Director of Regional and Political cooperation, said a bridge whose design and structural lifespan is 120 years symbolises another 120 years of friendship.

The 525m long bridge with a mini-supermarket, restaurant, room for a bridge maintenance team, security house and an exhibition centre, is expected to last at least 120 years.

In October, 2018, President Museveni accompanied by Hon. Janet Museveni and the Japan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sato Masahisa commissioned the 22.9m wide – Source of the Nile Bridge.

He said 67% of the technical staff were Ugandan engineers and that the Shs41bn project was completed within the cost, budget and almost the time framework of 48 months.

“It will last 120 years,” Museveni noted.



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