Kagame moves to ban skin-bleaching creams


Rwandan President Paul Kagame has directed the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Standards Bureau to weigh in on cosmetics that help women to bleach their skins.

“Bleaching your skin is trying to change its natural pigment and the chemicals used to lighten the skin are DANGEROUS!” is one of the messages the Bureau endorsed.

This comes after several members of the public raised a concern about the increased sale and distribution of skin-lightening creams, which contain dangerous chemicals.

Kagame joined the social media discussion over the weekend while responding to a tweep Fiona Kamikazi Rutagengwa who said: “I think @rwandastandards and @RwandaHealth should start a campaign against skin bleaching, a BIG one because this is getting out of hand!”

Kagame responded: “Quite unhealthy among other things. Includes use of prohibited chemicals. MoH and RNP need to reign this in very quickly…!”

Warning against the potential health effects of the use of prohibited chemicals for skin bleaching, Kagame ordered Rwanda police to take action.

Police spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera told The New Times, that they are moving into a crackdown on the use of the prohibited substances in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

He added that they already have a list of prohibited substances and their operation will primarily target these.

“We have the necessary capacity to conduct the operation,” he was quoted by The New Times.




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