Ex-MP Karuhanga starts silage factory

Karuhanga [R] addressing dairy farmers

Former Nyabushozi constituency MP has started a factory at his home to create jobs for the locals.

Hon Elly Karuhanga currently working as the Uganda oil refinery boss, said he started a home based factory to employ youth, illiterates and graduates.

Karuhanga’s decision challenges Ugandans out there who thought that whoever starts a business must set it in towns.

According to workers who Twesigye Faluku, the founder of Fatwes Solutions that skills youth, the factory is located in Kiruhura District.

“Ugandans want quality products but don’t mind about the place where you produce those products from,” a worker said.

Victoria University

While addressing a gathering of dairy farmers at Amos Diaries recently, Karuhanga advised youth to start home based small industrial cottages other than only basing on other businesses.

“Why would an African proudly laugh at a fellow African for not knowing English? Indians cannot speak but they are good in business. Tell me the most prominent business person who can beat Indians? What’s wrong with Africans?” Karuhanga wondered.

He said people have failed to start businesses claiming they are waiting until they get money for renting in towns.

He said those who have already set it up in towns, have totally failed because of too much rent fee paid to landlords hence forcing the owners to go back to where they came from.

“In this leadership we have, in every area of residence, nothing can fail so long as you produce quality products. People will come and get products from your factory.”

As we learnt, his factory will specialise in silage–fermented, high-moisture stored fodder which can be fed to cattle, sheep and other such ruminants or used as a biofuel feedstock for anaerobic digesters.

Karuhanga grows the fodder along Kaguta police station road. He then supplies it to all dairy farmers in the region.




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