Mao spits fire as DP Busia aspirant is given gov’t job

Mao and Njoki addressing press

The Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has accused government of plot to ruin opposition by appointing its candidate as a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

Deo Njoki Hasubi, the Opposition sole candidate in the race, is on the verge of quitting the forthcoming by-election for the Busia District LC5 seat after he was nominated by the Electoral Commission (EC) last week.

“High intrigue!,” Mao said on Monday, adding, “I confirm that our candidate for Busia LCV Chairperson Mr. Deo Njoki has been nominated to the Uganda Human Rights Commission.”

“I have strongly urged him to say NO!!! Biting the bait would be extreme treachery. He will be denounced as a deserter and treated as such,” Mao went on.

He said the nomination of Deo Njoki to the Uganda Human Rights Commission is in bad faith – a dagger aimed at the heart of opposition unity.


“DP top leaders met the candidate. Democracy seeking forces should resist crumbs and fight for the full loaf of emancipation,” Mao urged.

In a November 10 letter addressed to the DP secretary general, Njoki said if approved by Parliament, he will consider serving the country as a member of UHRC.

“The timing for the appointment, after the nominations closed on November 7, 2018, did not leave opportunity for the parties that sponsored and supported my candidature to nominate an alternative candidate. It was outside my control,” Njoki wrote.




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