I’d want to stand for president in 2021, says Muntu

Former FDC Party president Mugisha Muntu has dismissed claims he is duty bound to crash the opposition force.

The founder of the New Formation says his desire is to strengthen the opposition and not to split it.

Muntu also allayed fears of an exodus of new members, while speaking to NBS television “morning breeze” programme host, Simon Kaggwa Njala on Monday.

Njala: Do you feel the scepticism amongst the public about New Formation?

Muntu: I hear and feel those who think this is nothing new. You can appreciate considering our history. 56 years of unfulfilled promises. We shall launch the Name, colour, Symbol and party direction by 25th December.

Njala: How do you feel after quitting FDC?

Muntu: I definitely feel at peace, more relieved. Where FDC invites me I go. I make analysis n conclusion is those who feel comfortable remain in the party. Most important thing is that we are not enemies but allies.

The important thing isn’t about what they think but what we do. New Formation is a title that has been used in the transitional period. It (party) will have a new name.

Njala: Uganda has a number of registered political parties. What is the hope that New Formation won’t become another statistic?

Muntu: Just give that time. We are on the right track. We are going to focus on training and imparting leadership skills. All professions train unlike politics. You wake up one morning and by midday declare u have joined and the assumption is you know what to do.

My hope and desire n intention is to build a critical number of leaders that think alike and work around turning that into a majority mass. Pressure groups will eventually solidify into parties.

People power will eventually have to evolve. I think it is a pressure group because of the prevailing situation of a dictatorship. But after it’s overthrown then what?

Njala: Will New Formation transcend Muntu?

Muntu: It must It has to. Some of the challenges ahead are scepticism and a large number of honest Ugandans who are disinterested in politics. So we have to do things that interest them back.

Njala: Is Muntu eying the presidency come 2021?

Muntu: we must build a party focusing on the long term but putting short term in perspective.

Njala: What’s for the short term?

Muntu: Building a strong party.

Njala: You are too obsessed with building building….. it is a tested process that failed in FDC.

Muntu: Well that was a different platform, why do you think we are opting out?

Njala: who will fund New Formation?

Muntu: There is money in Uganda. Build trust and you will get the money.

Njala: There is an obsession with colour in politics, what is yours?

Muntu: We will have. There might be colour sharing since there is not a whole range of colours and you need some primary colours for a good design.

Njala: Muntu, you have a platform, tell our viewers, would you want to stand for presidency in 2021?

Muntu: Of course I would want to.

Njala: Is New Formation for or against dialogue?

Muntu: We are for dialogue but not in the shape it is now.

Njala: History will judge you harshly.

Muntu: One thing we know for sure is that we are not immune to being judged but we shall not do things for fear of being judged in as long as we feel that is what is right.

Njala: What is your look of the politics in the country?

Muntu: We are in a mess in a sense that there is uncertainty. It’s really a form of criminal negligence by those managing the country. As long as am in a team that works in concert, that is cohesive around a common objective, that is what is most important.

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