5 arrested over Rakai school fire: Janet vows justice

First Lady Janet Museveni

First Lady Janet Museveni promises that Rakai School arson culprits will be brought to book.

The minister of Education and Sports said that government will find the culprits behind the fire that led to death of eleven students at St Bernard Secondary School, Manya in Rakai District on Sunday night.

“It is our responsibility as Government to search and find the people who did this, so that they be judged accordingly; and we shall do it,” Janet tweeted.

She called upon Ugandans to ensure proper upbringing of children such that such an incidence does not happen again.

“I understand that there are some students who had been dismissed from the school for misbehaving and they are suspected to have a hand in this incident. I implore members of the community to guide such children so that we do not raise children who are insensitive and self-centred.”

Victoria University

The first lady also sent condolences on behalf of President Museveni.

She posted: “On behalf of President @KagutaMuseveni, the Ministry of @Educ_SportsUg and on my own behalf, I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the parents who lost their children in last night’s fire at St. Bernard-Manya SS in Rakai District.”

Rose Nalubowa, a member of the St Benard board of governors blamed the incident on some undisciplined students who had been chased out of the dormitories.

Nine (9) students were burnt to death, 15 in critical condition, 25 sustained minor injuries when S.3 students were locked in their dorm and set ablaze at around midnight.

Four students and a dorm warden were arrested over suspected arson.

A heavy police presence is at the school to control grieving crowds that have already poured at the institution.



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