Police arrests thugs who stole Shs100m from Roofings

The suspects

Panga wielding men suspected to have attacked a factory in Kabembe, caused grievous harm to investors and robbed over 100 million Uganda Shillings have been arrested.

The suspects were found armed with machetes and arrested as they planned to attack sand miners in Lwera.

Weeks back a gang of unidentified men allegedly attacked a factory belonging to Crane Roofings Limited located in Kyampisi, Mukono District disarmed the private security guards, cut and left them with numerous injuries.

Security agencies arrested Hakim Kigozi and his colleague Darius Atwine.

Kigozi was found in possession of large sums of money suspected to have been stolen from the Indians, an iPhone, heavy metal cutter among others.

Victoria University

It’s believed that a one Kawooya, resident of Yesu Amala – Nansana was the ring leader in the Lwera mission however on was tipped off about the intended arrest, fled the scene and is still at large.

The security operatives managed to also arrest a one Ssejjemba a rider of a boda boda registration number UER 458F who said he had been a close associate to Kawooya in terms of money lending.

He told the operatives that he was contacted for financial support by Kawooya who told him of the big mission he was heading for in Lwera.

Sejjemba agreed to meet Kawooya in Kyengera where he was eventually arrested by security operatives as he waited to deliver the money.

“It’s true we were in the process of executing a mission of robbing money from rich sand miners in Lwera,” Jjingo confessed.

Jjingo who has been a fish vendor, sand and car brocker in Lwera told the security operatives that he had been promised a lion’s share which would elevate him from poverty to riches once the mission was successfully executed.

The suspects are currently being held at Jinja Road Police Station and are to be charged with aggravated robbery.



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