Stella Nyanzi refuses bail, asks court to summon Museveni

Dr Stella Nyanzi

Makerere researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi has been granted bail by Buganda Road Court which she turned down, challenging President Museveni to go to court and be the first witness over her posts.

Stella Nyanzi then stated that she was going back to Luzira prison to teach fellow prisoners on how to use Facebook.

She was Wednesday charged with offensive communication over allegations that she harassed Museveni by insulting his late mother on her Facebook page.

Dr Nyanzi on Friday told court presided over by Gladys Kamasanyu that Museveni should appear in court and explain how he was offended by her Facebook posts.

“Police should complete investigations in the shortest time possible and also bring President Museveni to face court and explain how he was offended by my posts,” she said.

“I am not asking for bail now, am ready to go to Luzira to teach the women there how to do Facebook posts.”

She was further remanded to Luzira Prison until November 22.

Early in the morning, relatives and friends of Nyanzi stormed Buganda road court in big numbers to witness her first appearance.

Her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde said the case against Nyanzi is not about harrasing President Museveni but a war from Makerere university.


On Wednesday, Nyanzi turned hostile inside the courtroom.

She demanded that the court clerk reads the charges against her in Luganda, her mother tongue and repeatedly kept on reminding him to mention the exact words she had used to refer to certain body parts in her Facebook post.

But her demands were futile because the charges were read in English, the formal language for courts of law.

Her defence

As a writer, a poetess, I have written several times on Museveni, who is the president. In my writings, I often use metaphors. A vagina metaphor has never been obscene. Even in this courtroom, we all have vaginas…….I plead not guilty.

Those who feel offended have offended us even the more. I find myself not guilty of these trumped up charges. I can’t surely see how Museveni can be offended by mere writings by a woman on Facebook.

I would like him to come to this court and prove the extent to which he is offended. Let him come and look me in the eyes and testify against me.

It amuses me to hear that my writings offended Esteri, who is supposedly a dead woman but the same Museveni is on record for violations of several human rights.

I am not interested in bail. What are they investigating, Facebook posts? I’ll go to Luzira and be there with those ladies, and teach them how to write on Facebook.



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