The owners of Uganda are not NRM, says Mpuuga

MP Mathias Mpuuga

Masaka Municipality MP Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has asked State Minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi to reflect on the time when the regime changes, whether he wants to be in the position where the opposition is.

Mpuuga said the Uganda he knows has serious challenges for example the powerful land grabbers.

There is nothing wrong about caucusing but caucusing to defeat the intentions of parliament is wrong, he said Thursday morning while appearing on NBS television.

“NRM believes in defeating somebody, I find that immoral. Uganda will dialogue with or without NRM.”

Mpuuga said the owners of Uganda are not NRM and that the quality of debate matters, the quality of someone debating is another.

“There are those who want to be seen on the microphone. I do not speak about issues I have not read about.”

He emphasised: “The owners of Uganda are not NRM, the making and the founding of Uganda in 1962, communities engaged and agreed.”

“I have traversed this country and I have seen people with issues. What do you tell people of Teso whose cattle were raided by state agents?”

In his defence, Baryomunsi said he doesn’t know why they [opposition] point fingers to the NRM yet its not the organising party.

In principle, there is no problem with the NRM engaging, he noted.

Baryomunsi said in March, he represented the Prime Minister in Entebbe on a conference and the picture he got was that there was a crisis in the country.

“There is no crisis in the country. We have issues that are not clear about this event. Who is convening, who selected the speakers?”

He said the key question is, is it true that there is suffocation and that Ugandans have nowhere to go when they have issues.

“There is no strong justification for this dialogue. You need to read ahead why they want a dialogue. It means if there is a conflict we sit down and resolve it. Coming back to Uganda, this is about power. NRM is not imposing power on its self.”




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