Zari in love with Ankole, dons traditional wear  

Zari at Igongo cultural centre

Uganda’s tourism social media ambassador Zarina Hassan Tlale is currently traversing western Uganda as part of “Tulambule Ne Zari” campaign.

On Wednesday, Zari was pictured dressed in Ankole traditional wear while visiting the Igongo Cultural Museum.

“Learnt so much about Banyakole culture and their lifestyle dating back 1420,” she said.

Zarinah Tlale’s first stop was The Equator in Masaka district.

She said the Uganda equator is one of the most and well known landmarks in Uganda.

It’s the intersection of the earth’s surface. It’s also a line that divides the world into two halves.

The Equator is an imaginary line that is seen on maps marking the equidistant from the North and South Pole.

Along the imaginary line of the equator, a magnetic needle has no dip and stabilizes in perfect horizontal position.

“You are able to stand with one of your feet in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere at this point; it is such an amazing experience to stand at both sides of the world.”

She added: “The sun rises and falls rather so fast at the equator, with equal days and nights’ length. The people around the equator experience only warm temperatures and tropical climate throughout the year and therefore quite hard to tell the difference between seasons.”

Zari who is accompanied by musician Iryn Namubiru also stopped at Lukaya town where for road side bites.

The place is clean, food tastes great and fresh. Most of all, the people have great hospitality, she described.

“By the way, road side bites on road trips have become a lifestyle to us. It was indeed a friendly environment. I loved you back 10 much.”

She later stopped at ‘Akatale kaba maama’ women’s market and had a chat with them.

“If you ever find a woman selling at a stall, please don’t bargain for discounts, just pay. Matter of fact top up something or better still leave the change behind.”

She added: “These are real life hustlers trying to keep their kids in school, medical bills etc as the rate of single mothers has risen lately.”

Zari also toured Queen Elizabeth National Park in Bushenyi district.



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