‘Kasekende’s mysterious assets should shock all of us including IGG’


By Kagenyi Lukka

Current reports show that the under probe Bank of Uganda team led by Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile and Louis Kasekende haven’t yet submitted key documents to parliament as directed by COSASE last week.

This delay to honour parliament’s directive by BoU is an open sign that the Central bank needs surgery. It seems to have swallowed too much than it could digest.

However, some actors seem to be experiencing fire from multiple sources.

Louis Kasekende, the under fire deputy governor recently shocked the nation with his lavish assets and wealth as had been declared to the Inspector general of government (Igg). His declared plots of land were valued at close to Uganda shillings 10 billion.

The situation was spiced up with the leaking of his mobile money transactions, his Wife’s healthy Easy Go account at Stanchart and the exposure of his undeclared assets/plots of land in posh Kampala suburbs.

Like his close Confidant Justine Bagyenda, Kasekende’s mysterious riches have become of interest to the Igg, Civil society and a section of Proponents of Integrity and accountability in public service.

In a shocking twist of events, current information has revealed has other properties valued at over Uganda Shillings 20 billion which puts him on a list of filthy rich public officials as questions of how he did it roar high on him.

What Kasekende declared

In his declaration to Kase the Igg in January 2015,Kasekende declared the following properties.

Properties that Asset’s Kasekende declared to the IGG’s office.

Plot 1475 Lubowa estate Wakiso (Co-owned with Kasekende) bought at Shs87m, in 2005, valued at Shs2.0bn, Plot 12 Corporation Road Ntinda bought at Shs100m in 1988, valued at 0.39B,Plot 2 Bukoto Rise Naguru bought at Shs350m in 1997, valued at Shs1.3B, Plot 2B Makindye Lane bought at Shs450m in 2003, valued at Shs 2.0bn,Plot 706, Block 314 Buloba bought at Shs1.5m, valued at Shs0.5 and a farm in Bukasa on Plots 1041, 1738, 1423, Block 314, with cattle and Matooke bought at Shs57.8m but now valued at Shs 500m.

He further stated that he earns an annual salary of Shs559, 848,000, with annual allowances of Shs162, 098,748.

His other sources of income; Rental Income, Pension from AFDB and BoU.

His newly exposed assets/properties

A document from a whistleblower exposes Kasekende as an owner of properties in privileged medium and high end places in Kampala and Wakiso.

Below are the properties.

Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 1738, measuring 0.809 Hectares.

-Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 3213 measuring 0.079 Hectares.

-Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 1427 measuring 2.7 Hectares.

-Land in Lower Naguru, East Road, on Plot 38, measuring 0.157 Hectares, worth Shs1.28Bn.

– Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 1754 measuring 1.624 Hectares.

-Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 6102, and measuring 0.317 Hectares.

-Land in Buloba on Block 314, Plot 1423, valued at Shs432m.

-3.039 hectares of Land in Busiro on Block 311, Plot 62, Buloba, Bira worth Shs668.5m.

-0.237 hectares of land in Kyadondo Block 257, plot 887, Munyonyo, worth on Shs1.175Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo on Block 220, Plot 1128, Kiwatule worth Shs713.6m.

-Property in Kyadondo Block 261, Plot 71, measuring 0.552 hectares in Lukuli (Makindye) worth Shs993.6m.

-Property in Busiro on Block 287, Plot 300, Sentema, measuring 0.114 hectares, worth Sh25m.

-Property in Busiro Block 382, Plot 76, measuring 0.304 hectares, worth Shs85m.

-Property on Kibuga Block 8, Plot 329, Rubaga, measuring 0.494 hectares, worth Shs1.27Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo Block 257, Plot 881, Munyonyo, measuring 0.168 hectares, worth Shs228.5m.

-Property in Kyadondo, Block 255, Plot 990, Munyonyo measuring 0.168 hectares valued at Shs832m.

-Property in Kyadondo on Block 111, Plot 1344, Lubata (Kiteezi) measuring 3.684 hectares, worth Shs1.181Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo, Block 244, Plot 7255, Kisugu, measuring 0.239 hectares, worth Shs850.2m.

-Property in Busiro, Block 321, Plot 38, Buloba, Kalambi measuring 3.100 hectares, worth Shs1.102Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo, Block 261, Plot 1006, Makindye, measuring 0.482 hectares worth Shs867.6m.

-Property in Kyadondo Block 215, Plot 1678, Kulambiro, measuring 0.198 hectares, worth Shs282.9m.

-Property on Plot 38, Lower Naguru East Road, measuring 0.373 hectares, worth Shs1.394Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo, Block 244, Plot 599, Kabalagala, measuring 0.247 hectares worth Shs1.569Bn.

-Property in Kyadondo, Block 218, Plot 457, Najjera, measuring 1.200 hectares, worth Shs1.784Bn.

-Property in Busiro,  Block 314, Plot 1423, Buloba, Bira, measuring 1.458 hectares, worth Shs320.7m.

Kasekende is not the only salaried government employee .His wealth should thus be of concern us to the extent of questioning its genuine acquisition or not.

The Igg is mandated by the IG Act to cause investigation, arrest and prosecution of a public official ,and it’s high time Ms Mulyagonja moved fast on Louis and others that are like him.

The author is the next MP, Ikiiki and a socio-political commentator.




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