I’m coming for your chair-Bobi Wine tells Museveni

Bobi Wine at a funeral with Norbert Mao

Kyadondo East MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says he expected what is happening in the country to continue to happen following President Museveni’s refusal to leave power.

“I know people who have lived beyond this. Nelson Mandela [former South African president] for instance and even President Museveni. Those that have overcome are a constant reminder to us that we shall also overcome.”

Bobi Wine who was appearing on NBS television Wednesday morning, said people power is not just Bobi Wine but everyone that believes in servant leadership.

“We have all these problems in the country because our leadership is not servant leadership.”

He went on: “You think we work without a strategy but we see the government shaking. We are not going to show you our tricks. Look at the results.”

He said originally, his duty was to open the eyes of Ugandans. Many have gotten the point while some few have not.

“We are now putting all communication into writing for those that have not yet understood us.”

On the state of the country when people power takes over, Bobi Wine said Ugandans will see the end of gun rule and coming into play of civilian rule as well as a major end to corruption and a country that has people with equal opportunities.

“These people who are criticizing us for being young are forgetting they were our age when they were fighting against Milton Obote. Now, Museveni is our Obote. Actually, I think he is worse than Obote.”

He added: “We are “babies” but we are yet to surprise the “Jajjas”.  We are telling Museveni that we are coming for that chair he is sitting in. I call upon all Ugandans to register as voters.”

On the Kyarenga Concert, Bobi Wine said he is going to perform at Busabaala but the place belongs to Hon. Kyagulanyi.

“As courtesy, we may invite Hon. Kyagulanyi to talk to us and invite us to his place (One love Beach Busabaala).”



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