Titus Seruga claims journalist Njoroge is Kagame spy  

John Njoroge

Titus Seruga, a social media blogger and critic, claims journalist John Njoroge works for Rwandan president Paul Kagame to spread propaganda against Kampala.

Seruga who social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO calls an External Security Organisation [ESO] spy, lists Njoroge among “Uganda’s media personalities have made Rwanda’s Paul Kagame a godfather”.

Njoroge, a Communications Consultant, works with the CEO Magazine, and has worked with The Daily Monitor Newspaper and The Independent Magazine.

“Here is John Njoroge a respected media personality who is currently paid for his propaganda articles against those perceived to be anti Kagame aggression in Kampala,” Seruga wrote on his Facebook wall Tuesday.

Seruga claims Kagame’s budget is endless to media personalities who are ready to write stories about Kaka Bagyenda [ISO boss], Gen Henry Tumukunde and Gen Elly Tumwine [former and current security ministers], Salim Saleh [Museveni’s brother], Abel Kandiho [CMI boss], Muzeeyi Sabiiti [deputy IGP] and David Muhoozi (CDF).

“… and others then you will wall straight to the bank for some cash.”

He went on: “For John Njoroge who is originally Kenyan I can understand his greed for money and non-patriotism but for typical Ugandans like Andrew Mwenda and others I keep wondering why do you go that low to sell your nation.”

John Njoroge denies

In a long post, Njoroge said he had discovered Seruga’s side job within the Ugandan intelligence service and denied being a greedy Kenyan who peddles Kigali’s propaganda or supporting those who have committed atrocities like former IGP Gen Kayihura.

“If this is the kind of intelligence work you have been doing for the past 9 year, I pity those reports you have been submitting because those acting on them have been ending up in the wrong direction,” Njoroge wrote.

“First, I am not a greed Kenyan who is unpatriotic. In fact I could be more Ugandan than you. One of my parents is Ugandan. I have lived here since 1997.”

“Secondly, twice while appearing on NBS TV, I predicted the fate of Gen Kayihura even before he was fire and right after Gen Tumukunde was relieved of his assignment. The recordings are available online. My point was not to defend Kale but to show that he was IGP for 12 years doing exactly what his appointing authority wanted him to do. And the reason his contract was renewed all the time was because his boss was ok with his performance. But my sources had intimated he would be “thrown under the bus” which I felt was “unfair” and “inhumane”. I never defended any of his action while he was IGP because i have not “meter to have been able to gauge his “police work”.”

“Thirdly because I love Rwanda (and its “peoples”) and I love President Kagame, I even approve of some of his methods that fights laziness, it does not mean Kigali pays me. I last saw Paul in person in 2008. Your much more serious intelligence colleagues know this. I have never received a penny from Rwanda. My bank accounts are available.”

Njoroge said he has never been assigned by anybody to do propaganda for anybody let alone the government of Kenya and that of Uganda.

“Where credit is due for good things, I give it. Where bad things happen, i go out of my way to expose them. Unlike you, I don’t hide in Belgium. I am in Kampala. I walk and drive these streets. I don’t hide because i have nothing to hide. I have risked my life for Uganda in many places unlike you who stays in polished shoes.”

“I am a normal human being with a passion for journalism. When I find information and I have verified it, I put it out there for all to share and gain from it. Unlike you who has a very fat bank account, I don’t have one. I am chocking on debts that go as far back as 2015. Unlike you, who enjoys a nice flat, I hide from my landlady sometimes, I pass different routes to avoid chapati sellers, shop keepers, etc because of mabanja. For example, before the end of today, i should have $2000, which for you is money they give you for free. I have $10 in my account. How much do you make from all the lying reports you keep writing?”

Njoroge revealed that Seruga’s intelligence friends who stole intelligence gathering money, gave him “some little” money to attack anyone who have been exposing them for their deeds.

“You are now passing through Rwanda for me. I am wondering which country you will pass with the others.”

Another Rwandan mole?

Seruga had earlier that Rwandan Intelligence officers now operate Facebook accounts creating stories about him.

“Let me put this Guy Charles Kamya Sentamu to a test since he claims by names to be a Muganda, walk like a muganda.”

“Rwandan Intelligence thinks we are foolish not to see that the accounts opens up just to attack one person and also adds another that has eaten your money and handed over your secrets to Museveni.”

He said Rwanda trusted Andrew Mwenda with a host of media plans and secrets. Mwenda was put at the top of their media plan until Kayihura was arrested.

“General Museveni then ordered the arrest of Mwenda if he didn’t cooperate, you know how a true Mutoro acts in such scenarios. Dude just gave up all the info as asked. This same account is currently being used to attack Mwenda for turning against Rwanda.”

Sentamu had called Seruga a very well-known propaganda tool for the Museveni spy or intelligence agencies.

“He is mainly a tool of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), under the pay of its chief Abel Kandiho, who works hand in hand with Kaka and the others,” Sentamu wrote.

He added: “If you have seen the endless wild allegations about Kale Kayihura that Seruga Titus has been posting ever since the arrest of the former Uganda Police IGP, you will immediately see that this man is on the payroll of CMI/ISO. Reason is, the intelligence agencies were being used by some powerful Bahima within Museveni’s orbit in their vendetta against Kale, a Mufumbira.”

According to Sentamu, these powerful Bahima wanted Kale gone, or in prison because they saw him as a threat for their “succession ambitions” in case Museveni goes.

“So they concocted cases against Kale, which were then disseminated by the likes of Seruga Titus, with CMI/ISO feeding him the lies: that Kayihura killed Kaweesi, that he worked for Rwanda etc etc. (Kale’s lawyers have succeeded in showing how fraudulent the charges were, and the case has been dismissed).”

“Seruga’s campaign of misinformation against Kale – which was the same misinformation that CMI/ISO were also pushing through other outlets, like Chimpreports and New Vision – removed all doubt that Seruga is a tool of the intelligence agencies. Also his frequent unproven concoctions on Facebook targeting Rwanda (which Museveni long ago turned into a scapegoat to blame all the insecurity problems in Uganda caused by his government’s own unbelievable incompetence) are further strong confirmation.”

Yet Seruga has been in Belgium using the country as cover (that he is seeking asylum), while deceiving his readers all the time that he is “wanted in Uganda”!!, Sentamu further wrote.

“Our sources reveal that the Belgian services may have gotten wise about Seruga’s activities. So Seruga is in hot water as the Belgian authorities are bent on questioning him.”




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