Alice Alaso tells FDC: you also stole NRM, UPC, DP supporters

Muntu and Alice Alaso

Former Forum for Democratic Change strongwoman Alice Alaso has told off the FDC leadership that since they also recruited supporters from other parties, they should be quiet as New Formation [NF] party recruits from them.

“We continue working towards a country in which the majority of political forces believe in institutional and structured government that is focused not on retaining power for an individual or group of people, but serving all Ugandans”…Hon. Alice Alaso, now an executive member of New Formation said.

She was responding to the hullabaloo surrounding the defection of 63 Ankole FDC leaders to the new party led by Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

She said New Formation arose because of two conflicting perspectives on how to move forward while they were still in FDC.

They told members that the choice was theirs to join or not to join New Formation.

“The natural effect of our departure was that there were some people that would join us and others that wouldn’t. It is very unfair, perhaps even undemocratic therefore, for anyone to start accusing us of recruiting from within the FDC,” she noted.

Alaso said FDC came into existence as a result of individuals crossing from NRM,  DP, UPC and other political outfits at the time.

Since its formation, several people have continued to join the FDC from other political parties while others have left.

“We would like to state that the initial offer we made to the FDC leadership to set up a joint committee with the duty of managing the post-separation process still stands.”

She added: “We firmly believe that if we handle this process maturely and properly, it will result in better coordination among the opposition.”



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