Defiance as FDC, police face off over Bududa relief items   

Mafabi and Besigye with victims of Bududa landslides

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party members over the weekend clashed with police over relief items for victims of Bududa landslides.

According to FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala – Mafabi, just like they blocked a blood donation campaign organised at Party headquarters, police also first blocked Bududa donations that Ugandans made.

“How callous can a regime be, hard-bitten and barbaric this is?”

He said Uganda Police Force blocked trucks carrying relief items at Buwangani Town Council 27km to Bukalasi.

The trucks are carrying 800 bags of posho, clothes, shoes and other items donated by Ugandans for the people of Bududa who had just been affected by the landslides.

Victoria University

“We are a hand-on Party, we want to deliver these items directly to the people, we want to distribute them to the affected people by all means possible one by one. We shall not give them to the district leadership,” Mafabi explained.

They mounted road blocks along Mbale Bududa road.

Mafabi led the team who took shortcuts through mountains and valleys, in certain areas the leaders had to abandon the boda bodas they were travelling with and walked.

Only a few cars and a few supporters moved with the trucks that were carrying relief items.

“We reached Bukalasi and ensured that relief was handed to the survivors,” Mafabi said after beating a police road block.

People of Bukalasi braved the incessant downpour to interact with the FDC leadership.

They complained of relief items being shared amongst corrupt district officials and “were grateful that we insisted that the items we took reach them”.

“We indebted to all Ugandans who responded to our call and generously contributed the items that were delivered today.”

Besigye factor

While Police blocked relief and some cars they got information Dr. Kizza Besigye and the team had long finished supervising the affected areas and they were addressing a mammoth rally at Bukalasi.

In his address to the Bududa people, president Besigye read out the list of items that police had blocked a matter that charged locals and asked him to lead them to rescue the relief.

Angry people had flocked from the affected areas up to where police is holding the relief.

They have vowed not to allow police to steal the items that are meant to help them.

One of the police officers was heard saying Kizza Besigye and the FDC leaders must have passed through parts of Kenya to access the place without their knowledge.

“We arrived without the relief items collected by FDC from many well-wishers because were impounded! Eventually, people overpowered police &the items arrived after we left. Condition of people is dire! Please continue to support,” Besigye later said.

He said Ugandans will regain control of their country by defiance.

“We are sitting on top of the place where the home of the lady holding a child was. All children who were at home were killed by the Bududa mudslides. Family now has nothing,” Besigye later shared pictures of victims.



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