Police seized my car, brought back scrap-Besigye

Besigye's car

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has accused the Uganda police force of vandalising his car which they impounded from his home back in 2014.

“My vehicle, Reg. No. UAK 773F that was seized from our Kasangati compound and held at Kasangati Police Station since 2014 has finally been authorised to be handed back to me,” Besigye said on Tuesday.

He added: “I have to hire a breakdown to tow the (now) scrap from the Police Station. Impunity!”

An October 22, 2018 letter by the DPC Kasangati Police said charges of malicious damage had been withdrawn against  Besigye and his car which had been taken as exhibit would thus be given back.

His aide Ronald Muhinda wondered why police would impound someone’s car in 2014, not on the street not road but his official residence, then return it in 2018.

Victoria University

“When it was grabbed, it was in very good shape. The order to return it is issued when it is scrap. This is impunity,” Muhinda said.

“I saw it when I was detained at Kasangati Police Station for two days in November 2016. It was in bad shape after grass grew inside it. In fact I was ordered to clean it and I refused.”

He said a fight erupted at Kasangati Police station early morning and it was stopped by the OC who found Muhinda and the police officer who had ordered him to clean the car wrestling and rolling on the ground.

“The fight started with a single slap for defying to clean the car and remove the grass that had covered it. I had to defend myself.”



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