Kickboxing: Umar Semata-The Pain-stings Golola Moses

Umar Semata

Umar Semata ”the pain” is the winner of the “Golola Vs Semata fight” having trounced Golola Moses during a fierce fight on Saturday night.

The match held at Freedom City was sponsored by Africell Uganda, Samona products, Rock Boom and Rofa together with Pemba Sports Africa.

Since 2008, Golola Moses and Umar Semata have wanted to face each other although circumstances couldn’t allow them to.

Umar Semata is a Ugandan middleweight and super middleweight Muay Thai fighter who is the current World Boxing Council Muaythai Super Middleweight International Champion, a title he has held since 14 June 2013.

Moses Golola is a Ugandan self-made celebrity, entertainer, champion kickboxer, actor, philanthropist, businessman and investor known for building his personal brand.

On Saturday, Africell arranged the creme de la creme of Uganda’s kickboxing with a number of undercards before the main fight.

Spectators parted with Shs20,000, Shs50,000 and Shs100,000.

The first fight of the night was Lumunya Josina (Blue Corner) vs Angala Paul (Red Corner) where Angala Paul (Red Corner) emerged winner.

Second fight of the night was between James Christone (Blue Corner) vs Allan Claude (Red Corner) and won by Claude.

Third fight of the night between Ivan Koreta (Blue Corner) vs Kalifaani (Red Corner) was won by Koreta.

Fight number four between Joel (Blue Corner) vs James (Red Corner) was won by James.

The first fight by female kickboxers between Masinde Brenda (Uganda Prisons) vs Rebecca Anyango (Uganda Police) was won by Brenda.

Fight number six between Lawrence Mukiibi vs Christopher Ghetto kid was won by Mukiibi by a technical knockout.

Kimera Farouk (Blue Corner) vs Dan Okello (Red Corner) match was won by Farouk in a knock out.




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