Gloria Nansubuga wins world title at Georgia chess Olympiad

Gloria Nansubuga

Gloria Nansubuga, 17, is now a Woman FIDE master (WFM), after winning a World title at World Chess Olympiad in Batumi Georgia.

At 13, she was the best female at Rwabushenyi Memorial Chess tournament.

Over the weekend, the Ugandan ten attained a “World Title” at World Chess Olympiad held in Georgia, a tournament where the best chess brains in world participate.

She is now a WFM. The third highest rank in chess.

She jumped one rank of WCM straight to WFM becoming the first Ugandan lady to get that title straight from that coveted tournament.

A Master in chess is a player who is awarded a master title by the world chess organisation FIDE, or by a national chess organisation.

The term was used for a long time to describe someone who was accepted as an expert player, but it now has an official meaning.

There are four levels of mastery: Grandmaster (GM) 2500+, International master (IM) 2400+, FIDE master (FM) 2300+, Candidate master (CM) 2200+.

The title open only to women: Woman grandmaster (WGM) 2300+, Woman international master (WIM) 2200+, Woman FIDE master (WFM) 2100+, Woman candidate master (WCM) 2000+.

Who is Nansubuga?

Nansubuga stunned the nation when she emerged best feminine at the FIDE tournament while in Senior Two St Mbuga Vocational Secondary.


“I want to win every opponent lined against me and this was one driving factor that explains how I won it,” she was then quoted as saying.

She told Kawowo Sports that she aspires to be a medical doctor when she completes University.

She was privileged to have qualified to represent Uganda at the 2014 World Youth Chess in the South African city of Durban.

Nansubuga represented Uganda at the youth championships alongside another Ugandan, William Tendo, only losing one game to Phiona Mutesi, Uganda’s chess grandmaster.

Nansubuga started playing chess at a tender age of 4, under the inspiration of Robert Kakande, her personal coach, and a chess teacher at St Mbuga Vocational school.

She was then ranked 6205 out of the total 168055 female chess players worldwide; 474 among the 2823 U-14 female chess players across the globe; 142nd on the African continent and 4th among the U-14 girls on Africa.

In Uganda, Nansubuga dominated the position of U-14 No.1 chess player.

She was born on 12th Nov 2001 to Lydia and Wilson Kasende in Katwe, Kampala.

She went to Namirembe Infant Nursery and Primary; St Mbuga Vocational Secondary School, Makindye and started Chess Career aged 4 years old.

Nansubuga the actress featured in “The Queen of Katwe” (2016), a story about her senior, Phiona Mutesi.



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