We can still bring Muntu back to FDC, says Aol

LoP Betty Ocan Aol

Leader of Opposition Betty Ocan Aol says Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] still hopes to work out their differences with “New Formation” party boss Mugisha Muntu.

She was asked whether there are plans to bring back FDC members in the New Formation, while holding a Twitter chat session with supporters on Friday.

Ocan says all hope is not lost since the new formation is not yet a party.

She says the problems between FDC and Gen Muntu can still be solved by FDC elders, adding that FDC needs to continue in dialogue with Muntu.

“If a group decided to split, what do you do? In my view, the New Formation is hurting the strength of the FDC party and creating a gap. If we listen to each other then we can adjust accordingly, but probably there was no provision for that.”

Victoria University

According to Ocan, the issue of name calling shouldn’t be an issue but mechanisms like elders council and disciplinary committee of the FDC have been quiet.

“But disciplining isn’t necessary; I would rather suggest dialogue to reach an amicable solution to any stalemates.”

On those who opposed her appointment, Ocan says people are entitled to their views and one can’t expect to be supported by everyone.

She says her focus will be on team work adding that even if pro-Muntu MPs are many, the work of Parliament will not be disrupted.

Ocan in a twitter session

In a letter to all FDC members, party secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi issued a two weeks’ ultimatum telling them to either choose Muntu or FDC.

“Following these political events in the party, it has been decided to undertake a membership audit at all leadership and elective levels. This is to request all party leaders and elected officials on the party mandate to indicate to the party in writing whether they are still members of the Forum for Democratic Change within fourteen days; non-response will be treated as renouncement of membership,” Mafabi wrote.

The warned members include; party vice president for Eastern Uganda, Alice Alaso and MPs like Paul Mwiru, Winnie Kiiza, Herbert Ariko and Elijah Okupa, among others.



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