Aol: Otto my worst pain, Museveni has a lot of powers

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Betty Ocan Aol

The Leader of Opposition in parliament, Hon Betty Ocan Aol, says her worst leadership problem has been Aruu county MP Odonga Otto.

“Hon. Odonga Otto was against me being the LOP but I sat with him and we had a deliberation,” she said Friday during a Twitter session.

She added:  “My problem since my leadership [LoP] has been Hon Otto.”

Aol said one cannot be a good leader when one is intolerant.

“Let us not undermine each other, where I’m weak, someone should come and be my strength.”

Victoria University

She added: “It’s the duty of all us to work together. Our main target is to keep the government in check.”

Aol said her expectations were to unveil the shadow cabinet immediately after independence but because parliament is in recess.

“I want to be remembered as a good team player, a hard worker and a transparent leader. I would also love to see that Ugandans are empowered in a bid to stop the dependency syndrome. I want us to take agriculture, education and health issues seriously.”

Aol said there were people who were opposed to her appointment as Leader of Opposition and they are indeed entitled to their opinions.

“For me, teamwork is the way to go, and the 29-MP shadow cabinet team that will work with me will help me to iron out the patches.”

Uganda poorest yet Museveni has a lot of powers

She said Uganda borrows a lot and it’s upon opposition to follow these loans and query government to make sure they use these loans as mandated.

“Uganda is one of the poorest country in the world yet it’s well endowed with minerals and riches. We should be mindful of protecting our minerals but also our environment.”

She said there is a need for electoral reforms, the evils in the electoral process is rooted and hence need to review this.

“The president has a lot of powers, that has continuously disadvantaged us.  Transformation must be for all and that can be achieved through a peaceful Uganda.”

She also clarified that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s people power movement is a pressure group and not a political party.

“I believe that Hon. Kyagulanyi is struggling for what his voters and Ugandans at large want. I am assuring Ugandans that People Power Movement is a pressure group not a political party, as many may have assumed.”

She said opposition has many petitions that follow the end of elections for example the presidential petition after the 2016 elections.

“We should solve this through electoral reforms and set up a team to review the constitution. The Prime Minister assured us of a follow-up.”


Aol promised to foster unity in the opposition and talk to and engage people.

“I went on a mission to visit all the opposition political parties. The only party I haven’t visited is JEMA. We are in recess now, so it’s not easy to get MPs together but unity and diversity is what we strive for.”

On solving wrangles in opposition, Aol plans to visit all the opposition parties in their headquarters.

“I have visited them and am talking to all members of opp. And am organising caucus meetings. We still need to work together.”

She added: “As opposition, we need to be tolerant, if we want meaningful change, we have to work with each other. We need to pursue policy change to reduce poverty and improve our economy.”



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