Diane Rwigara jailed again as pressure mounts on Kagame

Diane and her mother in court

The trial of Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara was on Monday suspended by the High Court in the Rwandan capital Kigali.

This was after the lawyers of the duo applied for the removal to one of the judges from the panel of three High Court Judges because she was involved in the pre-trial detention hearing.

The Lawyers argued that under the law, a Judge who participated in the pre-trial hearing in a lower court cannot be part of the bail application hearing at any other level.

The High Court granted them their request and adjourned the hearing to a date which will be announced later.

Present at the trial was opposition politician Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire. It is the first time Ms Ingabire has appeared in public following a stern warning by President Kagame asking her to ‘be humble’.

Victoria University

Also present were international diplomats, local and international journalists, supporters, family and friends.

Diane’s supporters have been tortured, imprisoned, and disappeared.

Many are feared dead. Here is the testimony of Jean D’Amour Ngirinshuti’s sister, who has courageously testified about her brother’s disappearance.

According to The East African, Diane Rwigara, is the only woman who wanted to vie for president in Rwanda was thrown in jail, in a country that prides itself on putting women in positions of leadership.

However, questions are being asked why there was not much international attention for Diane as compared with Bobi Wine in Uganda?

The overriding difference is that the people must want the change for themselves. Those observing from outside cannot speak for those within.

In the case of Uganda, the people spoke loud and clear and it was easier to jump on the bandwagon and support them. How do you “save” someone who is not even sure if they want to be saved? The battle within is the fiercest battle that you will ever face.




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