I’m fighting for you-Bobi Wine tells army, police  

Bobi Wine addressing press

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi is still confident there are many professional and patriotic security officers in Uganda being “soiled” by rogue elements.

“Not all of them are rogue. Not all of them are brutal. And we must appreciate many of them for doing their best in tough conditions to keep us safe,” he told press on Monday at his Magere home.

At various times, Bobi said he had interacted with several officers from the top to the lowest ranks in the UPDF and the Uganda Police Force.

He met officers who are “very disgusted and frustrated” by the system.

“They understand that they too are prisoners. They fully appreciate that as a result of bad governance; they earn peanuts in a failing economy and cannot raise their children in a befitting manner.”

Victoria University

He said the soldiers also know that as a result of bad politics, they do not live in dignity. “My message to them remains the same- we are not fighting them. We are fighting for them.”

“Let me repeat my call to them- those who put on our uniform. It doesn’t help you to keep quiet as some rogue elements amongst you, taking orders from desperate regime elements, kill and maim your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. You should not allow the regime to turn you against the population.”

He said soldiers are citizens of Uganda first, before and after they put on that uniform.

He asked them to learn from those who came before them that from the population they came and to the population they will return.

“Those who still have values- please set yourselves apart. Restore confidence that you are pro-people! You put on our national flag and that should be a source of honour and pride; not a source of condemnation from those who watch your colleagues torture and kill their own people.”

He said the government has for long committed grave atrocities on its people and tried to keep them in the dark.

Uganda is part of the global community and we know that we cannot be free if some are not free, he noted.

“My plea to the world is to keep your eyes on Uganda, and on our struggle for freedom. As surely as the Lord lives, our nation will once again sit on the table of nations with pride.”

“To the people of this nation, I know your struggles, the shuttered hopes and the frustrations which stare most of you in the face every day. But here is the good news.”

He added: “I feel that your cry for freedom has reached the heavens. That God who throughout history delivers the weak from their mighty oppressors will surely redeem us by His strong and mighty hand. We only need to play our part.”

He asked them to remain steadfast, committed and devoted for the day of “redemption is at hand”.



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