Mpuuga attacks Mwenda over anti-Bobi Wine propaganda

Masaka MP Mathias Mpuuga

Masaka Municipality lawmaker Hon. Mathias Mpuuga told Andrew Mwenda to his face that he was using propaganda to misinform and confuse Ugandans.

Mwenda who was appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme had just told viewers that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is both misinformed and uninformed hence cannot lead Uganda.

“I’m not worried about the misinformed and uninformed people, to the contrary,” Mpuuga scoffed at Mwenda.

“I’m most concerned about people who are informed but choose to misinform the public, they use propaganda to try and keep the community at bay.”

Hon Mpuuga said the activities of Thursday, the conduct of military on Entebbe road shows that the president and his people are setting up the ministry against the people.

Victoria University

“This country is likely to suffer because we have leaders who have lost touch with reality, they are reactionary, the powerless people are the most violent.”

The ancient regime?

According to critics, President Museveni’s regime is becoming more problematic like the French ancient regime of Louis XVI and its period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France and its colonies that lasted from 1789 until 1799.

“There is already a problem in this country. The elections we have been having were frustrating to the current regime. These losses were bound to cause heads to roll,” pointed out Dr. Patrick Wakida, Researcher while appearing on NTV “On the Spot”.

He said there was no reason for the president to be led into a crowd which was already charged in the Arua debacle and that the SFC soldiers made a terrible mistake that led to all of these problems.

“The security made the biggest mistakes. The stone was thrown. The president was able to be driven through the chaos to an airfield. Then, the SFC returned to Arua and starts a war which included killing Bobi Wine’s driver.”

Dr. Wakida thinks Ugandans should keep their hope because the message is clear to those in power.

“The people are no longer threatened. Our security agencies should know that one day they will go back to the population.”

Biased press?

Arua MP Kasiano Wadri who has finally been allowed back into his constituency says the press is not partisan and that the Arua footage doesn’t tell lies.

“I commend the press for exposing the nakedness of government. It is a rhetoric that the people who beat up Akena will be brought to book. It is true NRM started off well. Along the way they have taken us for granted,” Wadri said after being released from prison.

Even State Minister for Housing Chris Baryomunsi commended media for playing a key role of informing.

“However the media practitioners have in some cases been partisan and biased. Social media has done a lot of harm, the Mityana stoke was sparked off by fake social media reports that Hon. Francis Zaake had died,” he said.

He added: “There were reports that Bobi Wine had died. Uganda is one of the countries where press freedom is enjoyed fully. It is wrong to give an impression that the state harassed the media.”

Appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme, Baryomunsi said government regrets some incidences where the media were beaten, the process is going on to bring the security officers who exceeded their power to book.

“There are some media houses especially upcountry where government officials are denied access and yet they are not closed, that is the level of media tolerance.”

He said Uganda is one of the countries where media freedom is handled to the fullest, compare with other countries.

“The Government and State doesn’t harass the media as a whole although we regret some of the incidences that happened recently.”

He called upon the media to be objective and that includes social media.

“They were reporting facts like politicians instead of being truthful and objective. Such incidences cause anarchy in the nation but good enough the country is still very peaceful.”

He said media has done good information dissemination however the media has failed to be objective.

“It shows a partisan side, one time media persons were putting on red. This means they have fallen short of objectivity and are becoming like us politicians.”

He said government is now looking at how to regulate social media and will soon propose measures.



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