Don’t treat UPDF like your toilet paper- Gen Tumwine

UPDF soldiers on duty [NTV photo]

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has told Ugandans to stop despising the national army saying soldiers are not toilet paper.

“You just don’t come and bash UPDF like it is your toilet paper. Let us deal with the bad ones wholly,” he told press Thursday evening.

Tumwine was angry with media which he accused of propagating insecurity and succumbing to politicians who misuse it.

“You must love your country, that’s why I sang my song called Ainunu…..” (He then sings).

Tumwine who was speaking on Bobi Wine’s return, said: “When some of you are sleeping, some of us are not, we are ensuring that you are all safe.”

Victoria University

He added: “If you want to have a good marriage, know that you can never change your partner to be that you want, just learn how to live with this person and the better way to do it is to look at the good things of your partner.”

Gen. Elly Tumwine said the army has dealt with the most indisciplined individuals and that’s what is important.

“Our interest is for all of Uganda to be safe and secure. Tell the truth and don’t spoil your country. Concentrate on Uganda, your wonderful country, don’t dare look at other countries.”

Tumwine said if one wants to have a good marriage, one must learn how to leave with partner, don’t look out for bad things.

UPDF soldiers

“If you concentrate on good things you will see a lot of good side of Uganda.”

Don’t threaten the old people, they are very dangerous, entrenched, knowledgeable and experienced, he said, adding, “The best you can do is to befriend them…. The young generation is our pride and that is what we went to the bush to fight for.”

Tumwine said Bobi Wine is safely home and he will enjoy his rights like any other Ugandan.”



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