Don Wanyama: we won’t take orders from Europe

Don Wanyama and President Museveni

Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama, says they will now allow European Parliament to give Uganda instructions on how to run the country.

“On matters of the European Union, we can appreciate concerns of partners but what we can’t accept is people standing on Mount Sinai to dish instructions,” Wanyama said.

“The intentions are suspect but you could see that there’s ignorance on the side of what those people were saying.”

In a resolution on Friday, EU accused government of abusing human rights by torturing civilians, journalists and politicians using the armed forces.

It further demanded that the president respects parliament and allows members to exercise their reports to speech and representation.

Victoria University

Appearing on NBS television Monday morning, Wanyama said Europe has a lot of things in their backyard they should be discussing and the bullying mentality must stop.

“What we believe is that there is a trade relation between Uganda and the EU, and we believe there must be a respectful interaction. Some of the issues they are talking about are contested issues and they’re in courts of law.”

He added: “I know that there are people especially opposition who don’t want us to discuss the history of this country versus where we are at now but you can’t stop the president from talking.”

EU parliament had criticised Museveni for cooking up charges against Bobi Wine and other MPs claiming they stoned his convoy in Arua town.

He urged courts of law to slap terrorism, treason and murder charges on the suspects who were reportedly tortured by his presidential guards.

EU demanded that these charges be dropped and the murder of Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma be investigated.

“There is the question of motive, the question of who is behind this and what they are up to,” Wanyama pointed out.

He said Ugandans are going to sacrifice their sovereignty if they play into the hands of foreigners.

Appearing on the same show, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago said there is nothing unique about Uganda that one can unleash terror upon the people and expect the world to turn a deaf ear, gone are those days.

“Human rights are universal. With human rights, they have no political colours, it doesn’t just belong to opposition, it cuts across, and what the European Union is saying is that let’s all deal with the issues of torture.”

Lukwago said in a civilized world, diplomatic ways of responding to issues should be at the forefront.

“How do you reduce the European Union to Ofwono Opondo? Is this the only issue the EU is discussing? With human rights, they have no colour neither do they have political colours.”



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