Critics gang up on Museveni over assassinations   

An illustration of murder by Daily Monitor

Critics are not convinced about President Museveni’s measures to end crime, saying they do not go far enough towards settling outstanding political issues, which might be the cause of some of the crimes being committed.

On Saturday, President Museveni addressed the nation on the security situation and he laid out some measures that the government is taking to reduce crime and curb the spate of assassinations of high profile individuals in the country.

“It is so sad that as suspects have been rounded up, we have seen cases of framing so many people are quite sceptical about the process of investigation into these murder cases,” said Fred Egesa, a Private Investigator.

Appearing on NTV Monday morning, Egesa said police officers are working under timid conditions and this is limiting their performance.

“They don’t need to be talking in the ears of the President every minute; all they need is to read the Police act.”

Victoria University

He said the Boda Boda industry was mishandled in Nigeria and it caused a big problem.

“Our industry has been infiltrated and what we should do is find out what their problems are but also; let us detach them from politics.”

Onapito Ekomoloit, Legal Corporate Affairs Director, Nile Breweries, while appearing on “NTV Fourth Estate” Sunday, said he doesn’t think the president is aimed at convincing.

“He believes that what he says is ultimate – The president is not paying attention to the cause of the crime.”

Ekomoloit said there is a new culture of taking out people coming where young people watching believe that they can do something and get away with it.

Yusuf Serunkuma, a Columnist at The Observer Newspaper, said the president doesn’t have solutions to past murders, he only has solutions for the future.

“We should be prepared for the next murders because this looks like just the beginning.”

Andrew Barungi, social researcher said whoever is committing these murders seems to be ahead of everyone’s game.



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