I’m cleaning police of evil elements-Museveni


President Museveni said he is still purging the corrupt police officers who have made the force a mockery of all government institutions.

“The purge of the criminal and corrupt elements that had infiltrated the Police is continuing,” Museveni told press at State House Entebbe on Saturday.

He said the incidents of crime that have been happening expose these elements.

“The apprehension of those criminal elements, illuminates more the evil elements involved.  The Police force is being cleaned of them.”

Museveni agreed that the Police are colonial but said in NRM, things are different.

“These Police men sometimes don’t know how to maximize their manpower.”

He said there is a perception in the public that no arrests have been made blaming police public relations department.

“Perception that no arrests have been made in relation to gun killings is not true. Sixty-six suspects have been arrested and charged.”

He said the strategy of NRM that has helped propel Uganda to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

“We hadn’t yet concentrated on urban crime because it wasn’t yet a major problem. We knew that items like cars, motorcycles, and phones were growing in numbers but we didn’t anticipate that evil people would use them to commit crime.”

He added: “Even if we had known that people wanted to use this progress to commit crime, we couldn’t easily have dealt with the challenges at the same time.”

He said the malicious elements thought to undermine this free lifestyle but also development.

“In the meantime, using the old methods while the new system is being put in place, we shall defeat the terrorists. I don’t want us to continue losing people while we continue to put the new systems in place.”

Museveni asked Ugandans to be vigilant by reporting new people, motorcycles and cars that they notice following them.

“I appeal to people to please notice the new faces in the area and immediately inform the police.”

He added: “The criminals will always make mistakes, that’s how we catch them but in any case, there’s no way they can follow without someone noticing them, only that we’ve not been alert and observant.”



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