We’re gun experts, Museveni attacks ‘people power’ for chasing Jeje, Kayima

Gen Odongo and police spokesperson Emilian Kayima racing away from mourners at Muhammad Kirumira's burial [Carton by Chris Ogon]

President Museveni Saturday expressed displeasure at an incident that happened at late Muhammad Kirumira burial where people run after internal affairs minister and police spokesperson.

Speaking on “People power” and having dialogue with the Opposition, Museveni said: “about People power, I think those people are not informed, People power was demonstrated recently in the LC1 elections. Millions turned out in every village. That was massive People’s power.”

He said the NRM is expert in using guns and that there are few organisations in the world that can use guns as well as the UPDF “but we never kill people extra-judicially”.

He said it was the opposition from Kampala that chased Gen Jeje Odongo and Emilian Kayima from Kirumira’s burial since his family is NRM.

Kayima [Cartoon by Chris Ogon]
“The opposition may pour cold water, we shall pour hot one. In the end the reality on the ground will prove who is right and who is wrong.”

He emphasised that the incident at Kirumira’s funeral that involved people being violent to Jeje Odongo was done by indiscipline opposition individuals from Kampala.

“The hostility by some elements to poor Gen Odongo at the burial of Kirumira was done by indisciplined opposition members from Kampala, the father of Kirumira is a member NRM, the whole family is NRM, Kirumira was a very loyal officer.”

According to pictures and videos from the event, Kayima and Jeje were seen speeding away from angry mourners in Mpambirwe village Mpigi district.

Kayima racing away

While mourners had reluctantly accepted Jeje to join them, they were incensed when police spokesperson Emilian Kayima made an appearance.

They then demanded all police officers leave including those guarding the Internal Affairs minister.

Police officers were stoned and forced to leave the venue. Mourners pelted stones at Jeje Odongo.



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