Video: youth clash with SFC, tell Museveni he’s being conned

Museveni holding a cheque he gave out to youth

Angry youth overpowered Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers in the biggest scuffle of the week, seeking to personally reach President Museveni and tell him their grievances.

The incident happened in Bwaise, a Kampala suburb as Museveni toured different Saccos in Wakiso and Kampala districts, offering them working tools and start-up capital.

He visited Katabi Artisans Sacco, Najja Furniture and Metal Works Association, Namasuba Furniture Makers Association, Kibuye Furniture Makers, Kibuye Welders Group, Nalukolongo Furniture Makers Association and Busega Welders and Furniture Makers groups towards the close of the week.

Armed with batons, SFC soldiers tried so hard to push the determined youth back to no avail.

Then a commotion broke out in the gathering as people chanted “muli bafere” [you are conmen].

Victoria University

The president could not even hear himself talk. He was prompted to order SFC to allow the youth go to his tent.

He then received their written and unwritten messages. A youth then grabbed the microphone and told Museveni “they” were conning him.

“Conning me? How?” Museveni retorted back, seeking a clarification.

The youth then told him things are not being done as he was told. They told him some of the machines being presented to him were fake and non-functional.

It was commotion and a real hubbub as youth after youth took to the microphone to open the president’s eyes to reality on the ground.

Afterwards, the president rose from his chair and left the tent. He walked amid cheers to where the youth were standing and speaking at the top of their voices.

He then waved at them to calm down while Kampala minister Beti Kamya and State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, fidgeted in their chairs.

Speaking in Luganda, Museveni assured the youth that he had taken their representative’s phone number and would call him to discuss the matter in detail.

He then walked back to his tent amid more wild cheers. Nakyobe brought him a cheque of Shs30m which he handed over to the youth.

Museveni then urged the youth to acquire skills that will create jobs and stop Ugandans from importing things that can easily be made in the country.

“Also, support leaders who will ensure your problems are attended to, not those whose pre-occupation is to oppose government programmes,” he  said.



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