Museveni: shallow Bazukulu call my long speeches boring


President Museveni has described his grandchildren as shallow for failing to listen to his speeches yet spending more time watching European football.

“I heard that the “Bazukulu” [grandchildren] can only concentrate for 90 minutes for a football match. They say that my speeches are boring,” he told press at State House Entebbe on Saturday night.

“Too bad for the bazukulu. How do you address important issues in 90 minutes?” he wondered.

The president explained that life is about a sustained struggle, not shallowness.

“Sometimes I will have speeches if the subject is long. They watch a game for 90 minutes and afterwards they can’t listen, too bad for them.”

He said life is not about 90 minutes, it is sustainability not shallowness.

Museveni said for quick coordination with the police, police stations should all have toll free numbers that people call in case of any suspicions.

“They should be on standby to act, the reaction should be instant. Efficient ordination within the police station. Police should be equipped with radios that they use to communicate among themselves as opposed to mobile phones.”

He added: “When you ring a mobile phone, you can only call one person, in the army we use radios, they are ‘enduru’ and it informs everybody at a go.”

He said intelligence officers ignore vital information from local people which can provide essential clues in detecting crime, calling it a very big mistake.

“When they give you information, it is upon the police officer to sieve through. Police please, give up the use of phones in the force, they should only be within the public when reporting.”



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