Museveni address nation again as people power gathers storm

Museveni will address the nation again today

President Museveni will address a press conference today, Saturday September 15th, at 7.30pm.

Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama, says Museveni’s address this time will only be on the subject of security and will take place at State House Entebbe.

This is the second address in a space of one week. The last address on September 9, came after the assassination of maverick police officer, Muhammad Kirumira.

Museveni in that address said urban crime that saw the death of the Sheikhs, of Joan Kagezi, Kiggundu, Kaweesi, Magara, Abiriga had scared people but some of the criminals in these murders had been identified, arrested and they are in Courts.

He said the criminals in the urban areas are not strong at all and their main weapon is concealment.

“In the rural areas, we acquired all the means to nullify the concealment of the terrorists,” he said, promising to flush them out.

People power?

Museveni had also talked about the indisciplined Opposition politicians that are accused of terrorism against the population, conspiracy to commit arson or treason should be handled firmly by all concerned – the Police, the Prosecution and the Courts.

“We should not allow these wrong doers to intimidate our people.  Telling lies to foreigners will not help them because the facts are on the ground,” he said in response to MP Bobi Wine who had addressed international media in Washington DC about the crisis in Uganda.

Military followed up the thread and arrested several youth from Kamwokya suburb for planning a procession on the event of Bobi Wine’s return from America.

On Friday, “people power movement” youth raided Gadhafi National Mosque at Old Kampala and clashed with a rival group after special prayers (Dua) organised by Mufti Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje to pray for peace and stability in the country.

Donning red T-shirts inscribed on ‘People Power’ and ‘One Uganda One People’ slogans, the youth clashed with those who accused them of politicising the prayers.

“People Power, Our Power Movement” is gaining more public favour in recognition of Bobi Wine who is bent on driving Museveni out of power.



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