Murders pain me, Museveni vows to catch ‘killer pigs’

President Museveni

President Museveni has assured Ugandans that he will root out the pigs that are killing them day in day out.

“I’m pained by the continuous murders in Uganda,” he told press at State House Entebbe on Saturday evening.

He added: “But I know that we are capable of responding. The pigs that have decided to shed the blood of innocent people have only themselves to blame when we catch them.”

The President spoke about the 24,000 Local Defence Units [LDUs] that he ordered deployed in Kampala and Wakiso districts during his first address, a week ago.

“The LDU is not a new force. They are the reserves of the army,” he explained.

Victoria University

He said the deployment of UPDF and reserve units in an area where they might be needed.

“If necessary we shall deploy them while cameras are still being installed to curb crime. Pigs will have themselves to blame for the blood of innocent victims that they have killed.”

“I’m annoyed and pained by the unnecessary death of Ugandans but I’m confident that we shall be able to curb crime. We are going to have safer, smarter and cleaner cities just like we have been able to have good roads in the country sides,” he noted.

He asked the Inspector General of Police [IGP Okoth Ochola to spare sometime and brief press in details.

“In the cases of Muwaya, all the suspects were arrested, I went to Busoga myself and I was able to confirm that all the suspects were arrested. In the case of Suzan Magara, almost all have been arrested except two. In the case of Kaweesi, quite a number have been arrested but we think some are still at large, some are in jail but the evidence to link them to the murder is still missing.”

He said the ones in jail, the police, and the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] need to get more evidence. The suspect of Kiggundu was arrested, he explained.

“What is worrying and annoying Ugandans isn’t just the killings. When it comes to the security of a country like Uganda, the issues shouldn’t be handled in isolation, they’re all linked.”

Museveni said some of the areas are left unattended to not because they don’t think they need attention but because they can’t deal with everything at the same time.

“In 1979 when we were approaching Mbarara, we captured food stores of Amin, that’s where I saw tinned macaroni, the soldiers were eating good food without weapons to fight us.”

He added: “When we have dealt on immunization but haven’t catered for the health workers, you think we don’t know? We know but we also know that when you try to do everything at once, you end up doing nothing.”

“We now have all your pictures in NIRA, in case of crime, we shall quickly identify you.”

He said unlike Arabs who don’t want to be identified before they have killed, Africans want to kill and not die.



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