I must be one of the best dictators in the world-Museveni

President Museveni at airport

“People say I’m a dictator but I don’t know how I dictate,” said President Museveni while addressing press at State House Entebbe on Saturday night.

“I must be one of the best dictators in the world,” he noted, saying those interested in the presidential seat should bring competing manifestos, the presidency is competed for.

“Those who want to lead must be people with ideas. I will look for the Kabaka so that he tells me what that Katikiro of his was telling me.”

The President explained that in Arua, his SFC guards whose job is to fight directly under the orders of the President and to be the reserve of the army did not shoot the people when they stoned him.

“The SFC first escorted me to the Helicopter and they went back and helped the police, many people would have died in Arua,” he said.

Victoria University

Museveni also responded to Ethics Minister Father Simon Lokodo’s comments claiming that one is required to pay a certain sum of money to meet the President, while others totally fail to be given a chance to meet him.

“I will meet with the Minister of ethics, who will have to tell me about these people who rent me out for people to meet me and I will act on them. You saw what happened to some corrupt officials.”

In May 2017, when asked if he was planning to run for another term as president of Uganda, Museveni told Talk To Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall, “we will follow the constitution.”

Museveni has ruled Uganda for 31 years, with five presidential terms in office.

At 74 though, he defended the length of his rule. “Have you heard of something called democracy?” he asked Vall.

“Democracy means you elect the people you like. We had elections about one year ago. My party got 62% of the vote. In fact, it would have been more if it had not been for quite a lot of spoilt votes. So that does not show that the people of Uganda are fed up with our party, because they have voted for us five times, winning free competition… My party has been winning. Is that an offence to win elections? What are you worried about?”

Similarly, Museveni denied he would go down in history as a dictator. “A dictator who is elected five times? That must be a wonderful dictator.”

Museveni also dismissed claims that he is preparing either his wife or his son to replace him.

“Why should I prepare them? The people of Uganda will choose the one they want… There is no way I can choose for them, my wife, or my son, or even other people.”

He also dismissed criticisms that he has failed to raise up leaders to succeed him.

Museveni said he needed five terms “to start from zero, to where we are now. We were at zero; we are now able to do things by ourselves.”



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