‘German professor’ accused of concocting stories to survive in East Africa

Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

Labelled a “wannabe professor”, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome is on the spot for allegedly earning a living in the banana republic by reportedly concocting stories.

Wolfgang Thome is accused of making a name by allegedly writing bad stories about big brands in East Africa by those who claim to know him well.

“He is actually paid by rival companies to soil others. This Thome guy has been in the region masquerading as a doctor with a doctorate. He is given money to write bad stories about major projects and that’s how he earns a living. There is nothing more than that,” sources revealed.

“He claims to be an aviation expert but his qualification is questionable as there is no known university that has conferred upon him the same.”

The source added that Thome actually acquired his doctorate from an American college that allegedly offers “paid-for” PHDs.

The college is called the United Theological College at Salisbury in the United States of America and that the costs of getting these degrees/diplomas range from $20-$30k.

Thome previously worked at Hotel Diplomate where he was discovered by the late Bonny Katatumba in 1998.

The late Katatumba leased the hotel to him on the promise that he would create wonders and pay back $10,000 per month which he failed.

“He did a horrible job. He even tried to change the name of the hotel. The late Katatumba was forced to cancel the contract. Am hearing that for the first time that he is a professor but I knew him as a businessman.”

According to the source, Thome will be told of an upcoming venture and then write criticism of the same and publish on his little known websites (ATC News blog).

“Thome then uses that to show his paymasters wherever they are to bankroll him,” the source added.

Before relocating to Uganda, Thome is said to have first lived in Kenya where he got into trouble for the same reasons.

We were unable to reach Thome to verify the accusations labelled against him.

This is his official profile:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome is the sole Proprietor and Publisher of ATC News, Eastern Africa’s largest aviation, tourism and conservation blog.

In the past he served as President of the Uganda Tourism Association and was Chairman of the Rhino Fund Uganda during the critical fundraising and set up years of the Ugandan Rhino Sanctuary which today is home to over 20 rhinos from the humble beginning of just 4.

He also served his adopted country as Chairman of Uganda’s national hotel and tourism training college, besides holding many other elected and appointed positions from which he has since retired.

Wolfgang has become a regular keynote speaker, panellist and moderator at regional and global events dealing with aviation, hospitality, tourism and conservation issues.



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