Mr. President, save poor tax payer’s money by disbanding Catherine Bamugemereire commission

Kagenyi Lukka

Mr. President, I hope my letter finds you well.

I have tried to reach you on this matter and more others but I have not been successful for reasons that I will share some other time.

However, one of your ministers intimidated to me that you have been reading my writings on several topics especially about Bank of Uganda, Crane bank, and the Inspectorate of Government among others.

He further told me that you are an avid reader of the edge news, and this has given me yesterday’s opportunity to bring to your attention my honest view of what has become of the Commission of land inquiry chaired by your daughter(not biological), The intrepid  lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire.

Your Excellency, I have never doubted your resolve to deal with the land question/s in Uganda, and indeed, you wisely appointed this commission in 2016 and started its work in 2017 which was accredit on your side for it exhibited political will to end the mess in the lands sector in Uganda.

The commission was tasked to look into issues of  the law, processes and procedures by which land is administered and registered in Uganda, the role and effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) in administering public land and land fund, the management of wetlands and forest reserves, the role of traditional, cultural and religious institutions who own large tracts of land with occupants, assess the legal and policy framework on government land acquisition, the effectiveness of dispute resolution mechanisms available to persons involved in land disputes and any other matter connected with or incidental to land matters.

This commission started on a high, and had prompted some to think that it was the much awaited antibiotic to resolve land matters in Uganda.

The good will received by the Catherine Bamugemereire’s commission was evidenced by the number of complaints it received on a daily basis (legitimate or not).It was by then viewed as a beckon of hope.

Your Excellency, in the interim report that Justice Bamugemereire hand over to you on the 15th February 2018 at Kawumu state Lodge, She reported to you that after almost one year of tireless work, the commission received an overwhelming 4900 complaints from the public.

While the number of complaints is high, the commission had only listened to 287 and reviewed 600 making it a total of 887 which were far much less than the total number of complaints received.Mr president, when will the over 3000 complainants ever get justice because complaints are regularly raised?

Isn’t high time we sat down to carry out a value for money audit?

Mr. President, I’m also concerned about the indignation that commission acts with which has attracted unfriendly response from some dignitaries that have appeared before the commission. You may want to remember that leading business men, some of who are the leading tax payers have been insulted as land grabbers and immoral even before the final report is made. Isn’t this outright bias from the lady justice?

Who will pay these distinguished country men for reputational damage that has been inflicted upon them by the commission seems intransigence?

What about ministers that have been disrespectfully referred to as girls?

What about those that have been sent to Wandegeya police yet they are innocent?

Finally Mr President, the NRM doesn’t do most of its work in the media for we let our good actions speak but you will be dumbstruck seeing live coverage of a supposed judicial inquiry being dramatized with shouting. This demeans the whole cardinal spirit behind the exercise.

You Excellency, those that have faced the unfair tone of the commission such as Honorable ,Beti Amongi,Persis Namuganza  and  Maj Gen Charles Otema can bear me witness.Infact,Hon Namuganza openly called for its disbandment while Otema castigated it as inadequate. What about those that can’t openly speak against it?

As the merging and disbandment of certain government agencies, authorities and commissions takes shape, I request that you look into the Land commission of inquiry, disband it to save the money being spent on an exercise whose intervention has worsened land conflicts in some cases. The Shillings 8 billion given to it may be enough waste, Why should you add it more?

I remain Kagenyi Lukka,the aspiring Ikiiki Mp



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