You’re stupid, Bobi Wine blasts Museveni ambassador

Shaka Ssali moderating the show where Amb Katende clashed with Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine lost his cool and crushed Uganda’s ambassador in the USA on live TV Wednesday night.

He was appearing at the Shaka Ssali host “Straight Talk Africa” programme on Voice of America [VOA].

Uganda ambassador to the US, Mull Katende, started off by accusing opposition politicians of failing to convince Ugandans to vote them and resorting to insurrection and violence to come to power.

“Uganda Government is functional and it won’t allow that Mr. Bobi Wine,” he told off the legislator who is in US recuperating after being beaten by President Museveni’s guards [Special Forces Command-SFC].

Katende said Bobi Wine who was on crutches is now getting better, dismissing reports of a crisis in Uganda that the MP had painted in international media.

Uganda doesn’t condone torture and whatever issues the MP has raised will be pronounced in court because Uganda has functioning institutions, the ambassador explained.

“We have a parliament that should be respected and if not, when Hon. Kyagulanyi leaves here, he should resign.”

He added: “Uganda didn’t start when Bobi Wine became an MP, Uganda is old and we have institutions that have been built over time. We have rule of law, we have courts, the same courts that granted Bobi Wine bail to be here in the USA.”

Bobi Wine loses his temper

Bobi Wine who had been listening impatiently, lashed out at Katende, telling him that criminality isn’t perpetuated by ordinary Ugandans but by the security operatives.

He said contrary to what Katende had claimed, institutions had died a long time ago.

“I wonder what kind of functioning institutions Amb Katende is talking about, power resides within the presidency,” he said.

Bobi Wine quoted Democratic Party [DP] President General Norbert Mao who said that “if you are paid to be stupid, your intelligence ceases to matter.”

He added: “I’m very disappointed to see a person I hold in high regard [Katende] say such things and I believe when he leaves he will regret these words.”

Explaining that Uganda isn’t a kingdom but republic, Bobi Wine said that some fools like Katende were only paid to say what the president wants to hear and not what is on the ground.

But Katende insisted that when matters don’t favour those who are opposed to government, then they are illegal and wrong, when they favour them, then they are okay.



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