I will die with Museveni, Kyalya denounces people power

Kyalya and Museveni at the 2016 presidential debate

Maureen Faith Kyalya, a former independent Presidential candidate in 2016, has revealed she will defend President Yoweri Museveni on matters of Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine.

Kyalya’s revelation follows a series of interviews that Bobi Wine has had with international media, the latest being with Aljazeera where the pop star continued his exposure of the Kampala regime especially cramping down on political disagreement and human rights.

Bobi Wine’s political activism may have influenced millions of Ugandans, but not Faith Kyalya who chided him and his people power outfit for being violent and painting a dirty image of Uganda and its long reigning leader, Yoweri Museveni.

In a WhatsApp statement, she wrote,” Honestly #Museveni has overstayed in power but that does not necessarily mean Uganda has the worst president on earth. I personally wish to publicly disassociate myself with anything to do with people power. I will stand with #YKMuseveni until the last day.”

She added: “So much was done to him in fact he was shot by the Obote regime and everyone around him died but he never made such a fuss about humiliating Uganda as a country by washing all our dirty linen in public.”

Ever since the Arua by-election that was won by Independent Kasiano Wadri, Mr Museveni has openly accused Bobi Wine of leading opposition supporters that stoned one of his cars.

Bobi Wine would later be arrested and charged for treason amidst complaints of brutalisation which he says were meted on to him by the Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers.

Faith Kyalya who isn’t new to controversy, denounced her FDC party and joined Museveni’s line of presidential advisors after 2011 elect Kadaga, a position she would later lose blaming her woes on Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

She later contest in 2016 as a presidential candidate nearly making a no show by polling 42833 votes(0.43) which was far much less than the total number of invalid/blank votes which were 477319.



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