Bobi Wine: our hopes are bigger than Muhoozi, Uganda isn’t a kingdom

Bobi Wine and Amb Katende on VOA

Kyadondo East MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi was hosted on Voice of America “Straight Talk Africa” programme Wednesday night by Shaka Ssali alongside H.E Amb Mull Katende to talk about the current democratic challenges in Uganda.

Most Ugandans missed the show following a country-wide power outage which power distributor Umeme blamed on system failure at Owen Falls  Dam.

Speaking on the show, Bobi Wine said it is not new for the Ugandan government to do things and later deny them.

“I was tortured along with people like Hon. Francis Zaake, Attiku, some MPs and 33 other people in Arua. I’m here to speak for millions and millions of Ugandans especially the young people, I’m here to represent their reality.”

He said the criminality isn’t perpetuated by ordinary Ugandans, its being done by the security operatives.

“I wonder what kind of functioning institutions Amb Katende is talking about, power resides within the presidency,” he said while disputing remarks made by the Ugandan ambassador to the US.

Bobi Wine quoted Democratic Party [DP] President General Norbert Mao who said that “if you’re paid to be stupid, your intelligence ceases to matter. I’m very disappointed to see a person I hold in high regard [Katende] say such things and I believe when he leaves he will regret these words.”

Bobi Wine said Uganda isn’t a kingdom, it’s a republic but the president has been changing faces all this time.

“The president came to power when I was just 4 years old.”

Shaka: What do you stand for?

Bobi Wine: I’m here not to speak only for the opposition but for the people of Uganda especially my generation, the generation you clearly don’t understand and not connected with.

He said in Uganda, a murder case can happen and it will take police hours before they show up but if it’s a gathering of young people, police and the military show up in less than two minutes.

Bobi Wine on VOA

“I stand for freedom, if we were born in a country that had no constitution it would be okay, but we read the constitution that says power belongs to the people.”

Bobi Wine said the aspirations of Ugandans are far bigger than first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba and than the lucky few.

“The girls I grew up with die while giving birth,” he noted.

A Major General in UPDF, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations, has been rumoured to be groomed to succeed his father as president.

A so-called “Muhoozi project” saw former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa, run to exile in United Kingdom.

President Museveni has always denied plans to groom his son for the presidency.




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